It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for CARE Medical Billing Inc.  We have been working with them since February of this year.  This is a long e-mail, but I want you to fully understand how valuable they have been to our office. 

We first implemented CARE's compliance binder system.  It was something our office needed but we had no idea where to start.  Like many chiropractic offices we were not following OIG compliance guidelines.  We did not have a compliance officer.  We didn't, quite frankly, even understand what exactly we were doing wrong... but we knew ignorance wasn't bliss.  Our office was starting to grow quickly and with thoughts of expansion on the horizon we wanted to make sure we had our ducks in a row before we duplicated our mistakes.   Jenna and Mark came to our office to start the process.  They did a HIPAA presentation for our staff and began pulling together all of our office procedures into a customized binder.   I want to highlight the fact that it is customized.  CARE does not just pull a pre-done compliance binder off the shelf and send it to you.  If they did, the binder wouldn't protect you at all.  OIG looks to see that you are USING the compliance binder, to document conversations, changes in policy, and corrections to your billing methods.  They look to see that you have defined job descriptions and outlined systems in your office.   These things need to be outlined and specific to your office.  Jenna took three weeks to pull together our binder. Much of the time was spent communicating with our office and asking us for information about how we did things.   

In May and June of this year, we began to convert all of our patients into an EHR (Future Health Econnect).   At the same time, our current billing manager was getting ready to leave us to have a baby.   In our case, we had no choice but to decide between hiring another billing person, or choosing CARE to complete the task.  We chose CARE.   We are lucky we did.  Not only did CARE help us with the conversion to EHR, they were immediately able to start billing for us to keep the money coming in.   CARE also took on the huge task of cleaning up our old AR in our old billing system.   This saved us thousands of dollars that were either improperly billed by our previous person, were ignored, or had simply just fallen through the cracks.   It was a nightmare to learn that we had missed so much money through the practices of our previous billing person, especially since we were very happy with her while she was with us and though that she was doing a very good job.  We just had no idea.   

Since June, CARE has cleaned up all of our old AR.  They have sent statements, contacted patients, put out fires, and provided excellent customer service to a population of patients who were use to dealing with an actual person in our office.  CARE has been doing timely insurance verifications for all of our patients, new and returning.  They have streamlined this process and we can trust that the information they provide is correct and accurate to each individual insurance policy.   They have customized the verification to our office and the services we provide.   CARE communicates with us (sometimes daily) about required information, missed information, outstanding balances that seem too high, and any compliance updates.   We know we can call anytime to ask questions about an individual patient, where the money is, what to do in a certain situation.   In some ways it has become a joke in our office now... when we don't know what do to... "Call CARE!"   Recently we have decided to have CARE take over our Personal Injury cases as well.   They have done such a good job with the rest of our billing it just makes sense to have them handle this area as well.  

CARE is worth every penny you pay them to handle your billing and compliance.   There is a personal touch that I cannot imagine another company can provide.  To give you an idea of just how serious CARE is about their customer service, I recently scored them an 8/10 on one of their metrics in a recent survey (keep in mind, everything else was a 10/10 or a 9/10) and when Jenna saw me at the VCA Conference last weekend the first thing she said to me was "what do we need to do to get that 8/10 to a 10/10."   These people are the greatest.  You can trust them.  I would and will continue to spend my Saturday morning's writing way too long testimonials for them.  I hope this has given you an idea of our experience and the confidence to hire them for your own team.     

If you have any more questions about specific services or circumstances I would be happy to answer them.   

- Dr. Erika Warner 


CARE Compliance has been very helpful to us and we have only been working for them for a few months. They helped us generate an office procedure manual and forms for updates. They also had the HIPAA updates to us quickly and have OSHA and OIG compliance sections as well. Compliance requires a lot of extra work and we've contracted with CARE to do our compliance for us. They are providing HR services and documentation audits as well. So far it has been a great experience and I feel much better with peace of mind!

- Samuel S. Spillman, DC

Who We Are:

Meet Jenna Busch and Mark Kennerly, the co-founders of CARE Medical Billing Inc. Jenna and Mark saw the need in the chiropractic community for efficient medical billing and OIG compliancy.

Jenna Busch, Chief Executive Officer

Since 2006, Jenna has been the office manager of a chiropractic office and taking care of medical billing. Being proficient in both areas she handled this situation with great organization and success. She has experienced first-hand, the extra stress and time that processing medical claims puts on a chiropractic business.

Mark J. Kennerly, Chief Operating Officer

Mark J. Kennerly began his medical billing career in 1998 working in customer service for a prestigious insurance company. Due to his work ethic, Mark was moved to the position of claims adjuster and later the appeals department. Working in various insurance companies, billing agencies, and doctors' offices, Mark has gained a wide world of experience in medical billing.

Together they make up CARE Medical Billing Inc. With a combined 16 years of medical billing experience, they are here to fulfill your chiropractic billing and OIG compliancy needs. This power team breeds a company that is diverse in chiropractic and OIG regulations and methodology. The range of experience and work ethic makes this company a success! CARE Medical Billing stands for excellence and this team of experts will not provide anything but the best!