Welcome to Care Medical Billing Inc.

CARE Medical Billing Inc. takes pride in working with our clients to give them the best service for their medical billing needs. By focusing on one specialty, we are able to demonstrate precise claim coding submissions, accurate account reconciliation, question denied/rejected claims for legitimacy, and keep current with changes in the law, such as Medicare regulations. Outsourcing your medical claims billing to CARE will not only provide your practice the opportunity to better utilize employee time, but also allow your physicians more time to provide quality medical care for your patients. Using our services will also cost you significantly less than that of a full-time staff member. Contact us for more info; we look forward to hearing from you. We CARE about your billing needs, so you can CARE for your patients!

Billing Services

Verify insurance coverages and authorizations on new patients

Provide custom verifications to fit your office needs

Process claims and post payments electronically

Manage and follow up on any claim denials or appeals

Manage accounts receivables

Provide monthly payment statements

Serve as the primary point of contact for all billing inquiries